Madam Baron

Imagine a sunny summer day and a walk in the park. Imagine meeting your friends, high heels and perfect accessories, which make not only men, but also women to look back at you! It’s me, your Madam Baron. I love quality pantyhose and stockings, perfect leggings, leg warmers, hand and leg décor. And a multitude of lace!

The Madam Baron brand name came into being in the autumn of 2009 in France. Just imagine the charming French accent, when pronouncing Madam Baron! In the spring 2010 Madam Baron began independent life in the beautiful Madam Baron hosiery stores. Initially Madam Baron loved pantyhose and stockings, over the time expanding her love to cover most varied accessories, from leggings and skirts to romantic décor for hands and legs and, of course, garter belts!

The creator of the brand, Inese Barone, stresses accessories as one of the most important elements in a woman’s outfit – especially perfect stockings! Perfect stockings and pantyhose is an unmatched symbol of the woman’s elegance.

Upon arrival of the 5th anniversary of Madam Baron 5 the brand Baroness was created, which represents all that is feminine and summarises the extensive range of accessories, which have been created with our clientele in mind and listening to their wishes. Baroness is quality and feminine accessories affordable for any woman to create a perfect image and unsurpassable femininity.
Each one of us is a baroness! Every day we, women, undertake different roles – we are wives, mothers, employees, friends and daughters, but above all, we are WOMEN! We created this collection with the idea in mind that each of us deserves something feminine and elegant in our wardrobe. 80% of men in Latvia find women wearing skirt, especially full maxi skirt with expressly outlined waist, to be especially feminine.

The spring/summer BARONESS collection will bring a spring note to the collection – either it is a classic black skirt to be combined with spring-themed accessories, a silky romantic skirt with floral ornaments for warm romantic summer evenings, or a striped marine-style skirt! The skirts are available in two length variations – midi and maxi – and they fit us all!
A number of accessories have been developed as an additional to the collection – a lace top, hand and leg decors. These accessories allow you to create different combinations of your outfit, so that you can wear the same skirt for work, to a party with friends and an opera performance!

These skirts and accessories have been created for you, BARONESS!